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Here at Woodside we train horses and riders for show-jumping competitions involving hunters, jumpers and equitation. With years of combined experience and dedication to continued education we have found a training program that is ideal and adaptable to a variety of horses and riders. We believe in developing  a strong foundation in basics for our riders and believe the basics are paramount to the riders continued improvement. We follow a systematic, disciplined, and tailored approach that will enable each rider to achieve their goals.  Following these principles along with consistent training of both horse and rider is our key to success.



Photo: A'Tokyo, owned by Woodside Stables and ridden by professional Sara Petersen (Thermal, CA)

charlie derby.jpeg


Photo: Chaplin, owned by Jan O'Brien of Bainbridge Island, WA and ridden by professional Sara Petersen (photo Bend, OR)



Photo: Armani ridden by Jesse Shurtleff (photo Harrisburg, PA)

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