November 21 & 22, 2020

Come join us as we welcome back Jeff Cook this November for his ninth clinic at Woodside. The Jeff Cook clinic will be held at Cottingham Farm at 10445 Secretariat Lane NE, Bainbridge Island. We currently have openings for riders. Auditors are limited due to Covid 19. (Contact Sara Petersen for more information 425-466-5662)

A long time horseman, he has traveled many roads and taken many paths in his quest to remain true to himself and family. Over the years carving a respected place in the horse business.

Born in Portland he rode the Pacific Northwest show scene with Don and Joan (Curtin) Kerron. Relocating to Toronto provided an opportunity to work with Hugh Graham for a couple of years, before returning to the Lake Oswego Hunt Club in Portland.

Not long after George Morris came knocking - Jeff headed east, from 1986-1991. “It was such a dream come true then” said Jeff. “To work for George and have the chance to learn directly from him for 5 years was priceless. His horses, his system, his approach to competing were eye opening and inspiring to a young professional.”

“He then helped place me with Carl and Lolly Hogan for 7 years (through 1998) in the St Louis area. We were half the time in Wellington where I spent most of my time training and teaching, then I went back to work for George for another 5 years 1998-2003. Such an amazing way to learn the sport, at the feet of George Morris.”

“Following that I worked for Ira Gumberg in Wellington for a time, that is when I started getting request for clinics and began traveling around the country. I returned home to Portland and started riding the Kilkenny Crest horses for Doug and Sheri Boyd. As clinic requests grew I didn’t feel I could do justice to those horses so a couple of years ago I gave them up and now devote my full time to clinics, I quite enjoy the direction my life has taken.”

“I love the show ring but my true love is teaching”. I am just as happy teaching lessons at home or doing clinics, I like that the most. I do miss the chance to be around and absorb at the ring, especially the high performance riders. I learn so much just watching and listening.”

Jeff’s commitment to his family is almost palatable when he talks about them. “My kids and wife are my life, especially as I grow older. I have one son, Ryan, and twin girls, Mia and Ellie. I take the girls to school every morning and we get a chance to talk about all kinds of things.”